Dr. Brysen Hansen provides general anesthesia to help you receive the care you need in comfort. This type of sedation works by inducing sleep, and it is typically administered via inhalation or through an injection into the hand or arm. Our dentist and team often combine general anesthesia with a long-lasting local anesthetic to ensure that you wake up feeling comfortable and to enhance your comfort as the general anesthetic wears off.

We typically recommend general anesthesia for patients who have difficulty receiving dental care. This type of sedation is a great option for:

  • Children who cannot relax or calm down enough to safely receive treatment
  • Oral surgery procedures that are difficult to perform when the patient is awake
  • Individuals who need extensive work completed in a single appointment
  • Patients with disabilities or special needs that prevent them from understanding directions and safely receiving treatment
  • Individuals who suffer from severe anxiety or fear and cannot safely receive treatment otherwise

Our team will provide you with instructions prior to providing you with general anesthesia. These instructions will be for before and after your procedure and will include information about eating, drinking and various activities you can and cannot do to make your treatment as safe and effective as possible.

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